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Local registration number at
the Libyan national library is
(281/2015) - Benghazi
ISSN Online:2519-6839
ISSN Print:2519-6820

AL-MUKHTAR JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING RESEARCH   is a scientific journal issued by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Omar al-Mukhtar. It aims to spread authentic engineering research in the field of engineering sciences.The journal issued in accordance with the vision and objectives of the University of Omar al-Mukhtar. ,and it is submitted to the terms of scientific research and according to what is customary regionally and globally. The journal is publishing approval research papers online or a printed copy.The papers are published either in Arabic / or English, with an Abstract in Arabic and/or in English.


Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering , Computer Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering.