Editor's Speech


On the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of the first issue of Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, the journal's new website has been launched to celebrate the efforts of the loyal constituents of Omar Al-Mukhtar University, as well as the researchers and scientists who contributed their distinguished intellectual production.

Thirty years have passed through which many difficulties and lack of capabilities encumbered our journal. It passed through many stations, during which it was committed to publishing high-quality and scholarly research, which is the outcome of a long period of giving.

The presence of such a large number of scientific journals makes it difficult for any journal to remain distinguished except through continuous and careful development to bring it to the ranks of international refereed journals.

The distinguished Libyan, Arab, and international experts, who represent the editorial board and advisory committee of the journal, are pleased to announce the launch of the journal’s brand-new website. The website is characterized by keeping pace with international Journals in terms of the digital transformation of all editorial, submission, and review processes, including the journal’s entire archive since its first issue.        

I extend my thanks and appreciation to the first founders of the previous editorial boards and to all who contributed with their scientific research articles. We promise everyone that we will be supportive of all scientists and researchers.

May Allah Almighty help us to advance and support scientific research throughout this country and the human community.