Peer Review Process

Paper review and evaluation through peer-reviewers

  1. All manuscripts submitted to MJSc for publication are subjected to qualified reviewers' detailed and strict peer-review process. All manuscripts are subject to double-blind reviews.
  2. Manuscripts accepted for full review will be reviewed by at least two external reviewers, who are experts in the same field.
  3. Reviewers assess the manuscript submitted to them based on academic standards in addition to MJSc predetermined requirements to ascertain the manuscript’s quality and precision, thus providing the editor with the required comments and recommendations based on the prepared form regarding the acceptance, rejection, or request changes to the manuscript, within three weeks. In some cases, acquiring the appropriate reviewers may require an extension of the review process.
  1. The decision letter requesting an adequate revision is sent to the Corresponding Author (If necessary, the peer-review process is repeated).
  2. After fulfilling the peer-review process requirements, the editor-in-chief issues a decision regarding the manuscript's acceptance or rejection.

Join MJSc’s Peer-Review Program

MJSc is an Open Access publication, Manuscripts submitted to our journals are peer-reviewed. Reviewers are involved in all manuscripts submitted to our journal. Based on the reviewer’s comments, a Handling Editor (usually the Editor-in-Chief) is subsequently making a final decision about the way a manuscript needs to be improved. We at MJSc sincerely invite you to join our peer-review program. By participating, you will provide help to authors from all over the world and will supply them with your ideas and suggestions based on your valuable expertise.

If you are ready to be a volunteer, please register with the journal prior to joining the peer-review

program or, if already registered, can simply log in.

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