Application of Micro EIS in evaluation of soil production rate in Quba-Libya


  • محى الدين الخبولى
  • اشرف مصطفى
  • محمود الصابر



The purpose of the current study was to evaluate some land of El-Koba area, Al-Jabel Al-Akhder region, Northeast Libya. The evaluation process was carried out through assessing the land capability in the study area using MicroLEIS software. The study area (about 2370 ha) was chosen as it represents the different soil types and land uses prevalent in Al-Jabel Al-Akhder region. A geo-pedological soil survey was initiated, and 21 soil profiles representing the different physiographic units were morphologically described and 58 samples in the field, for some chemical and physical properties analysis. Land evaluation was achieved using MicroLEIS software. Land capability classes S2 (Good) represented about 54.9%, S3 (Moderate) occupied about 37.1% and N (Marginal or Nil) had about 3.8% of the total acreage. In addition, rocky surface occupied 4.2% and did not evaluated. The main limitations were soil factor and erosion risk.


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