Adsorption Kinetics of an Insecticide Diazinon onto Natural Clay


  • Mohammad S El-Geundi Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Omar Al-Mukhtar University
  • Assanousi A Abufares Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Omar Al-Mukhtar University



Natural clay, Diazinon, Adsorption Kinetics, Mass Transfer Coefficient


The external mass transfer model has been used to predict the rate-controlling step for the adsorption of an insecticide diazinon onto natural clay. The external mass transfer coefficients (Ks) have been determined and correlated with respect to three variables namely, agitation speed, initial concentration, and mass of clay. It has been found that Ks varies with the  variables studied and may be correlated with (rpm)0.93, (C0)-0.96, and (m)-0.41. The external mass transfer coefficient as the dimensionless mass transfer term Sh/Sc1/3 has been correlated with the design variables. It has also been found that Sh/Sc1/3 varies linearly with the variables studied and may be correlated with system variables via the equation:


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El-Geundi, M. S., & Abufares, . A. A. (2013). Adsorption Kinetics of an Insecticide Diazinon onto Natural Clay . Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, 28(1), 16–28.



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