Refractive Index Measurements of the Solvent– Solvent Interaction, the Polarization and the Polarizability of Some Mixed Solvents


  • Farid I. El–Dossoki Chemistry Department, College of Arts and Sciences, Omar Al-Mukhtar University, Al-Bayda, Libya



The refractive indices and the densities of  1) portic–portic solvent mixtures (methanol–ethanol, methanol–n–porpanol, methanol–n–butanol and ethanol-H2O), 2) aprotic–aprotic solvent mixtures (acetonitrile-DMF, acetonitrile-DMSO, and acetonitrile–1,4-dioxane) and  3) aprotic–protic solvent mixtures (DMF, AN with  H2O and some aliphatic alcohols), were measured experimentally at different temperatures. 

From the values of the measured refractive indices and the densities, the excess refractive indices, the molar refractions, the atomic polarization ,the molar volumes, the solvated radii and the polarizabilities of the mentioned mixed solvents were   calculated and discussed. The results show that , the solvent–solvent interaction reach maximum value at definite mole fractions of each solvent depending on the nature of the solvent. Also the excess refractive indices, the densities and the atomic polarizations were found to be decrease as the temperature increase. In the other hand, the molar volumes, the solvated radii, the molar refractions and the polarizabilities were found to be increased as the temperature increased.


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El–Dossoki ف. ا. . (2011). Refractive Index Measurements of the Solvent– Solvent Interaction, the Polarization and the Polarizability of Some Mixed Solvents. Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, 26(1), 113–136.



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