Epidemiology and Outcome of Acute Bronchiolitis in Children in the Tobruk Area, Libya


  • Ghamela S. .Ali Pediatric Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tobruk University, Libya
  • Hawa H Greish Pediatric Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tobruk University, Libya
  • Fathy .A.A. Abdolmejed Ophthalmology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tobruk University, Libya




Acute Bronchiolitis, Incidence, Hospitalization, Tobruk Medical Center-Libya


Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles, usually caused by an acute viral illness. It is the most common lower respiratory tract infection in children younger than 2 years.The aim of this study is to analyze the hospital incidence of acute bronchiolitis in children aged 2 months up to 2 years, to assess the relation, the severity of the disease to age, gender, season, family history of atopy, and to assess the treatment and outcome. The retrospective study collected the data from the admission records of patients. 198 admissions for acute bronchiolitis represented 14.6% of hospital admission rates. Most in ages between 2-6 months 128 (64.6%). Female: Male ratio 1.1:1, female patients 102 (51.5%). The history of Atopy in the family was positive in 136 (68.7%) of patients. The disease was not severe as only 27 (13.6%) were admitted to PICU, and only 3 (1.6%) of them needed mechanical ventilation, in addition to there being no mortalities. Most cases were in winter 81 (40.9%) (P-value 0.02). All patients received Salbutamol nebulizer, 47 (23.7%) received hydrocortisone injection (IV), and 45 (22.7%) received Ipratropium bromide nebulizer. Acute Bronchiolitis is an important cause of admissions in infants, especially under the age of 6 months.


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.Ali, G. S., Greish, H. H. ., & Abdolmejed, F. .A.A. . (2020). Epidemiology and Outcome of Acute Bronchiolitis in Children in the Tobruk Area, Libya. Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, 35(1), 07–12. https://doi.org/10.54172/mjsc.v35i1.230



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