The effect of papavarine on contractile and enzyme Activity and on Oxygen consumption of ileal smooth muscle of laboratory mice


  • Khalid H. M. Saad Department of Zoology, College of Arts and Sciences, Omar Mukhta University, Libya



Papavarine, Enzyme Activity , Oxygen consumption, Ileal smooth muscle, Laboratory mice


 Ileal smooth muscle of the laboratory mice exhibits regular spontaneous rhythmic contractions. The Different concentrations of papavarine exert different effect on ileal smooth muscle of the laboratory mice. Its found  that low concentrations (0.001- 0.01)Mm where with  effect while the moderate and high concentrations ( 0.05-02) mM caused instant relaxation of normal activity ,the inhibitory effect of the drug was dose dependent.Also the high concentration of papaverine that caused instant relaxation of normal activity caused gradual decline of acetylcholine – induced tonic contracture of laboratory mice smooth muscle. The presence of the drug in the normal saline reduces largely the response of the muscle to acetylcholine. It has been found that muscle incubated in a. Ca+2 – free physiological solution failed to restore normal spontaneous activity to the re- introduction of calcium.also it has been found that the Ca++ taken by muscle in the presence of the drug was much higher than in un treated muscle.   This study showed a clear relationship between the inhibitory  effect of the  drug on the muscle contractions activity and on its effect on oxygen consumption.The presence of papaverine in the incubation medium inhibits  the enzyme activity in isolated mitochondria and membrane vesicles from ileal smooth muscle of laboratory mice and the effect was dose dependent  as well as  Inhibition of oxygen consumption in these fraction.


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