Normal Mode Analysis of Generalized Magneto-Thermoelastic Medium with Initial Stress Under Green-Naghdi Theory


  • Alzaerah Ramadhan Mohammed Aldeeb Department of Mathematics, faculty of education Alzawia University, Libya



Generalized Thermo-Elasticity, Magnetic Field, Initial Stress, Normal Mode Analysis, Green and Naghdi Theory


The normal mode analysis method was used to study the effect of both the initial stress and the magnetic field on a thermally elastic body. This method is used to obtain the exact expressions for the considered variables. Some particular cases are also discussed in the context of the problem. The generalized thermal elasticity equations were reviewed under the influence of the basic initial stress and the magnetic field using the theory (Green-Naghdi) of the second and third types (the second type with no energy dispersion and the third type with energy dispersion). The different physical quantities were illustrated in the presence and absence of both the initial stress and the magnetic field. The results of this research show the extent of difference between the second and third types of Green and Naghdi's theory. All results and figures were obtained using (MATLAB R2013a) program


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Aldeeb, A. R. M. (2020). Normal Mode Analysis of Generalized Magneto-Thermoelastic Medium with Initial Stress Under Green-Naghdi Theory. Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, 35(4), 313–325.



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