Annotated List of the Family Lygaeidae Schilling, 1829 (Heteroptera) in Libya


  • Moftah Soliman El Meghrai Department of Zoology, Faculty of Science, Benghazi University, Benghazi-Libya



Lygaeidae, Heteroptera, Libyan conditions, Synonyms, Local & General Distribution, Seed Bugs


In this study, subfamilies, genera, and species of Lygaeidae are given, accompanied by synonyms, local and general distribution. This study was carried out during the years 2007-2010 in the country of Libya. This study revealed the presence of 111 species in Libya under 52 genera to 8 subfamilies. 31 are recoded from Libya for the first time in the present study.


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El Meghrai, M. S. . (2020). Annotated List of the Family Lygaeidae Schilling, 1829 (Heteroptera) in Libya. Al-Mukhtar Journal of Sciences, 35(4), 255–272.



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