Identification and Description of the Genus Patella (Linnaeus 1758) Gastropods and its Distribution on the Western Rocky Coast of Libya


  • Hanan Alhadi Albib Zoology Department. Zawia Universit, Zawia, Liaby



Patella, Rocky Shore, Western Libya


The study aimed to identify and describe the genus Patella spread on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Libya, and their species on the rocky shores of the western coast of Libya. Accordingly, five trips were made to the beaches at (Godaem, Dila “Zawia Al Madina”, Al Mutarad, Sorman, and Sabratha) from December 2018 to April 2019. Samples were collected randomly by hand and samples were grouped and classified following the reference of classification. Accordingly, the results revealed the identification of three genera of Patella; including one that is threatened with extinction, according to the UNEP organization. In terms of its presence, the species Patella caerulea was recorded in all the studied beaches. This is due to its ability to withstand seasonal fluctuations. The species Patella rustica was recorded in abundance in the coasts of the regions of Goddam and Dela, and it was less present on the shore of Sabratha. This species is considered as one of the most endangered marine invertebrate species on the western rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Libya.


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