The Epidemiological Study of Cryptosporidiosis Among Rabbits in Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar


  • Raef N. Al-Hanon Department of Animal Production, Faculty of Agriculture, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Omar Al-Mukhtar University, P.O. 919 Al-Bayda - Libya.



Epidemiological Study , Cryptosporidiosis, Rabbits , Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar, Libya


This study was done to demonstrate the prevalence of cryptosporidiosis among rabbits in Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar in Libya. 367 random fecal samples were collected at weekly intervals from rabbits (1-3 months of age) showing symptoms of diarrhea. These samples were collected from three areas, one of them was Sahg Al-Naahm farm for production and breeding of rabbits, while the other two areas were both Al-Mage and Al-Beida individual farmers. Fecal samples were examined by direct smear and sugar flotation methods. In addition several stains such as the modified Ziehl-Neelson. Carbal fuchsin, Giemsa and Methylene blue were used to detect the oocysts. The results revealed that the rate of infection of cryptosporidiosis was 43.59% among rabbits in Al-Gabal Al-Akhdar but Sahg-Al-Naahm had insignificant higher percentage (51.23%) of cryptosporidiosis than the Al-Marge at Al-Beida (39.13%, 35.55 respectivety). In regards to the age data reveales that in the first and second months of age had significantly (P < 0.05) higher infection rate than the other age groups. An over all conclusions and recommendations about both prevention and control of cryptosporidiosis among rabbits were discussed according to the available recent references.


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