Biochemical study on the amino acid content of storage proteins of stone seed (prunus armeniaca L) during break the dormancy and germination


  • Mohammed Ali Kassem Department of chemistry, faculty of Science, Omar Elmokhtar universty, El-Bieda, Libya.



amino acid , stone seed, dormancy and germination


In this study the amino acid content of storage proteins of stone seeds (prunus armeniaca L) and protein mobilization during germination and break the dormancy of seeds were investigated. The seeds washed air dried, hard pits (endocarp) were removed and the seeds were subjected to the following treatments:

  1. Soaking in gebberellic acid (GA3) solution (1000 ppm) for 24 hour.
  2. Soaking in cycocel (ccc) solution (50 ppm) for 24 hrs.
  3. Soaking in thiourea solution (0.1%) for 24 hrs.
  4. Soaking in potassium iodide (0.1%) for 24 hrs.
  5. Cold storage (stratification) at 5 ºCfor four weeks in moist sand.
  6. Soaking in water for 24 hrs.

The germination percentage, soluble amino acid content of seedlings (in different stages), total phenolic compounds aand Arginase activity were determined. The storage proteins are breakdown and the soluble amino acid contents of seedlings were increased during germination so amino acid utilization in seeds during germination and early seedling growth. Also, this investigation reports an attempts that have been made to remove dormancy and induce germination of seeds.


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