Experimental Studies on the effects of chlorpyrifos on Rats IV. Biochemical changes in level of certain enzymes


  • Ibrahim S. H. El-durssi Zoology Department / College of science / Omar El-Mukhtar University
  • Ifdial O.S. El-Awami College of agriculture / Omar El-Mukhtar University, P.O. Box. 919.
  • Ghyath S. mahmoud College of veterinary medicine, Omar El-Mukhtar University, P.O. Box. 919
  • Fahim A. Benkhaial Food technology department / college of agriculture / Omar El-Mukhtar University




This Study performed to investigate the effect of Chlorpyrifos (one of the most used insecticides) on certain enzymes in  rats .

Thus a total of 110 male rats were used and experimentally divided into four groups: the first group was used to determine the median lethal dose (LD50) which appeared to be equal to 81.2 mg/Kg B.W.  While the second group of rats received an oral daily doses of 1/10 LD50 . The third and fourth groups of rats  were administered a single oral dose of 1/10 and 1/30 LD50 respectively.

Biochemical investigations revealed an increase in the level of certain enzymes such as : the alkaline phosphatase (ALP), glutamic oxalic acetic transaminase (GOT), glutamic pyruvic transaminase( GPT), creatine kinase (CK) and lactic dehydrogenase (LDH).


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