The Design and Implementation of a Libyan Salary Mobile Application using Flutter


  • Aeyman M. Hassan School of Computer Engineering, University of Zawia, Zawiay, Libya



Mobile Application, Flutter, Cross-platform, Salary Application


Mobile applications have become widespread in many aspects of our daily lives. Many people do most of their work via their phones, such as online banking, shopping, etc. Due to many individuals being unaware of their salary details, this paper presents a design and implementation of a Libyan salary application” الراتب” using Flutter (cross-platform). The application allows users to know details of their salaries, including bonuses and deductions according to the salary schedule of each ministry or sector. The application currently contains salary schedules for ten ministries. The implementation consists of the following four steps: data collection of laws and payroll tables for each ministry to use as a local database for the salary application, design of friendly-use application screens using Flutter, integration of the mobile application with Firebase) backend platform by Google), and finally, preparing and deploying an Android and web version of the salary application. The results that were obtained from reviewers in the Google Play Store were satisfactory. There is an increasing local demand to add other ministries to the application. The citizens of the local community encourage providing such a service, which is considered the first of its kind. The application reached more than 100k downloads in less than a year, and the average rating is 4.5 out of 5 in the Google Play Store at the time of writing this paper.


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