An Investigation on bacterial causes of urinary tract infection in AI-Gabl EI-Akhdar (EI-Bieda) Libya


  • Azza, S. A. Menshawy Department of Microbiology, Fac. Of Medicine, Omar El-Mokhtar Univ., El-Bieda, Libya.
  • Mahmud A. Ezzat Dept. of Microbiology, Fac. Of Vet. Medicine Suez Canal Univ. Ismailia-Egypt
  • Hafed, A. EI-Sharif Education, El-marg, Libya.



Two hundred urine samples were collected from patients suffered from urinary tract infections. Results of bacteriological examination revealed isolation of 80 isolates related to four genera, and biochemically identified as 47 E. coli strains followed by 25 strains of Staph. aureus, 5 strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae and 3 strains of Proteus mirabilis. The antimicrobial susceptibility testing determined by desic diffusion method revealed that the percentage activity of each antimicrobial agents against the isolated species was as follow; (88%) of Staph. aureus strains were sensitive to Doxycyclin and (72%) were sensitive to each of Tobramycin and Kanamycin. Concerning E. coli strains (96%) were sensitive to Amikacin, (75%) to Nitrofurantoin and (64%) to Sulphamethoxazole. With respect to Klebsiella pneumoniae strains, (80%) were sensitive to Amikacine and Sulphamethoxazole, while (67%) of Proteus mirabilis were sensitive to both drugs.

This work was aimed to through lights on the bacterial causes of urinary tract infection of out patient clinic in AI-Gabl Al-akhdar (Libya). Trails for isolation and identification of bacterial isolates as well as studying their antimicrobial susceptibility to selected antibiotics.


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