Adaptation of the Religious Text in the Service of Political Tyranny


  • Mohammed A. Boughandoura1 Department of Islamic studies, College of Education, Omar Al-Mukhtar University


Adaptation of the Religious Text, Political Tyranny, Islamic jurisprudence academies, the head of state


    The topic of political tyranny, which is significant in Islamic thought, was addressed in this study, and the influence of religion in feeding this work and cementing it with holiness' nature by which the political tyrant is granted the license to oppress all who oppose him. This paper's topic is covered in the title I came up with, The Adaptation of Religion in the Service of Political Tyranny. Because the issue of this paper is a case of the tyrannical ruler being granted religious license of political tyranny and the tyrant monarch and a representative of God on earth. This analysis revealed numerous fabricated religious texts. The most prominent search results were: There are numerous texts in the chapter about ruler obedience that are fabricated and have no basis in the Sharia. Additionally, the Islamic religion represents a real integrated political system that protects the dignity of the subjects, stops the oppression of the rulers, and stops both the oppression of the subjects and the oppression of the rulers against them. One of the most crucial recommendations is to urge Islamic jurisprudence academies to adopt a clear and responsible situation, to implement a particular formula or form or an agreed method, and to provide information outlining the essential elements for choosing the head of state through elections or other means that do not conflict with our religion and customs and do not restrict our freedom.



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