Libraries, Publications, and Publishing Administration

The Libraries and Publications Administration specializes in providing books, references, scientific periodicals, and means of knowledge within the University. It is also tasked with implementing systems related to the technical aspects of libraries by equipping and supplying them with books, classifying and indexing them, facilitating access and borrowing, in addition to providing libraries with suitable publications and books issued by various publishing establishments, preparing statistics regarding the movement of books within the University libraries, participating in book fairs locally and abroad, while benefiting from the publications of participating local and international publishing houses, preparing Arabization, translation and publishing programs and proposing committees to accomplish this task. The administration also oversees authorship and publishing activities, collects manuscripts, and implements procedures for printing them.

The tasks entrusted to the Libraries, Publications and Publishing Administration are carried out through its following offices:

  1. 1. Office of Library and Documentation Affairs.
  2. 2. Office of Printing, Publishing, Arabization, and Scientific Journals.
  3. 3. Supply and Distribution Office.