Investigating Student's Ideas and Obstacles in Relation to English Language Classroom Interaction


  • Senussi Mohamed Saad Orafi Associate Professor, English Department, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Benghazi


classroom interaction, students' ideas, students' obstacles, language learning, lack of motivation


     Classroom interaction is an important aspect of English language learning and teaching. It affects the extent to which students can enhance their language learning process. Therefore, this research study aims to examine students' ideas and obstacles during English language classroom interaction. Using a questionnaire as a data collection tool for this research study, findings revealed that pair and group work activities were considered substantial factors in determining classroom interaction techniques that students enjoy in the class.  Thus, Lack of motivation, shyness, and students’ English language was among the key obstacles which hinder students' abilities to interact actively during classroom interaction activities. This research study provides useful messages and contributions for English language teachers, students, English language teaching programs, and educational policies in Libya and elsewhere.




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